TEMO: Temperature monitoring

We use our inspection and supervision expertise to support our clients in meeting contractual obligations or regulations. With a global presence in more than 80 countries, we offer customers an unparalleled perspective to ensure sustainable added value.
Monitoring self-heating in stockpiles and analysing the trends in temperature is a necessity, yet from a costs perspective frequent manual measurements are too expensive and produce only a snapshot, rather than providing constant observation and the full picture.

The characteristics of biomass create a potential safety risk for persons entering storage facilities due to the possibility that gases such as ‘CO – CO2 – H2 – CH4’ are present. Because of the presence of these gases, personnel entering these warehouses may suffer serious consequences and therefore biomass temperature monitoring is essential.

Choosing the optimal monitoring solutions heavily depends on product characteristics and the storage facility, and ranges from in-product temperature monitoring to environmental gas composition measurements.

We offer a cost-effective solution to generate continuous temperature monitoring, allowing for trend analysis. The Peterson Temperature Monitoring (TEMO) system, can provide biomass and feeds temperature monitoring and gives real-time insights into the behaviour of temperature within a stockpile.

The company has an established track record, gained over 12 years of conducting automated temperature monitoring services for international clients, across a wide range of commodities (including biomass, feed and food). This expertise helps in understanding temperature behaviour and suggest preventive actions for warehouses/cargo owners.

The portable Peterson TEMO system can be used for various different applications and is a wireless, easy-to-use system which automates the process of temperature monitoring in (floating) storage facilities. In addition to record keeping and reporting, this service sends automatic alerts when set parameters are exceeded.

The TEMO system:
  • Is easy-to-use, and is non-disruptive with no need for expensive hardwired infrastructure
  • Allows global access to information when and where you need it
  • Gives 24/7 temperature monitoring and trend analysis
  • Gives real-time alarms and alerts allowing you to take preventive action, run reports, and keep log files for your records and compliance
  • Provides automated periodic (weekly, monthly or yearly) reports per sensor (graph, statistic) and gas measuring on request
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