Complaints and Appeals

A complaint is a formal expression of dissatisfaction by a stakeholder, relating to inspection activities, where a response is expected.

An appeal is a formal request for reconsideration of a decision made relating to an inspection, or a request from the supplier of the conformity assessment object to CU to reconsider a decision made in relation to said object.
A formal request for a financial settlement is considered a claim. Claims are not considered complaints or appeals.

The client may contact the company to report a complaint or leave a comment using different communication channels: telephone, e-mail, personal visit, meeting request, or by completing the aforementioned form.

All complaints will be treated as Non-Conformities.

In the event that the complaint is received by means other than the established form, request the informant to supply at least the following data:
  • Contact person
  • Reason for the complaint (description: who, where, what, when)
  • Documentation (if applicable)
Complaints must always be submitted in writing.

 The complaint must be received within 6 (six) months after the event that gave rise to the complaint; if the complaint is incomplete, CU may consider the complaint inadmissible and refuse to handle it.

Once the decision related to inspection activities has been finalized, appeals by external parties can only be received within 14 days after, and must be submitted in writing to the CU office in the U.S or by email to If the client does not do so, or if the data required for the appeal is incomplete, CU may deny the appeal.

The receipt of the complaint or appeal shall be acknowledged within one week in writing and progress will be reported to the external complainant or appellant.

The complaint or appeal will be validated by CU. When not found valid, the external complainant or appellant will be informed with the reasoning.

The person responsible for coordinating the management and treatment of said complaint or appeal is designated. The handling of complaints and appeals shall be done by personnel who is not directly involved in the original inspection activity.

The assigned personnel will collect and verify all the necessary information (to the extent possible), including the root cause analysis, and propose how to advance the complaint or appeal to a decision, including corrections and corrective actions where applicable. CU USA will try to find a timely solution and will make a decision after careful consideration of all the information.

CU USA will keep the external complainant or appellant informed of the progress in the evaluation of the complaint or appeal, especially if the indicated period is in danger of being exceeded.

The appellate staff will notify the external complainant or appellant in writing about the actions decided upon, latest within two months after receipt of the complaint or appeal.

The presentation, investigation and decision on complaints or appeals may not, in any case, give rise to discriminatory actions against the complainant or appellant.

The procedure for complaints and appeals is available to any interested stakeholder upon request.

Download Complaints and Appeals form: Complaint and Appeal form
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