Travel and tourism account for around 10% of the world’s economic activity. It is a rapidly growing sector, with international tourist arrivals forecast to grow from 1.1 billion in 2014 to around 1.8 billion in 2030”.
The impact of travel and tourism on global and local environments and on host communities can be both positive and negative, providing both opportunities and responsibilities
Control Union can offer certification against a several Tourism standards for Hotels, Destination & Tour Operators for both individual tourism enterprises as well as groups of hotels or tour operators (group certification).

In addition, we have vast experience in providing services to large scale multinational businesses. We can provide you with one global contact person who will coordinate audits for all your tourism enterprises. The link on the top of the page shows our global presence. If you cannot find an office in the required country, please contact us through the contact button on this page.

Finally, we can offer many other certification programmes that hotels and tour operators might be interested in. For example, in food safety, ISO norms, social compliance, or pest management. For more information, go to the other pages of our scroll down menu on this page.

By obtaining certification against one of the Tourism standards, you enjoy the following benefits:
  • Compliance with the highest social and environmental standards
  • Credibility: Control Union Certifications is the first certifying body to achieve GSTC Accredited status, which provides the highest level in terms of credibility within the GSTC Integrity Program framework
  • Increased market share of consumers that seek sustainable tourism
  • Preferred choice for websites and agencies offering sustainable tourism
  • Inclusion on websites of Bookdifferent (supported by and for GSTC
  • Positive impact on surroundings which can lead to increased opportunities
  • More profitable business due to long term vision
  • Use of the Certified logo
  • Improved image

Our pricing depends on the country in which you require our service. Although we operate globally, our structure is decentralized and local offices can determine their own day fees based on local market dynamics. For large, global tourism enterprises that require a vast number of audits, we can agree on lower day fees which will be fixed for each country. Also, group certification will result to more attractive pricing. Please contact us for more information. 
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