The global plant-based food market is growing rapidly. Plant-based food products category is growing faster than conventional ones.  The plant-based food category will have a market valuation of almost US$40 billion by 2025 and grow at almost 10% between 2019-2025.
The Plant-Based Certification Program is applicable at any step of the food industry and it sets requirements for products and byproducts from non-animal origin. The Plant-Based Standard (PBS) has an allowance of 5% for food additives and follows the Global Food Safety Initiative (GSFI), ensuring good practices and avoiding cross-contamination of products.

The goal of the PBS is to verify the accuracy of Plant-Based claims in the supply chain and final products.

The main difference between Plant-Based and Vegan? Their claims. Meanwhile vegan claims encompass a lifestyle based on cruelty free, Plant-Based claims focus on the product and its ingredients coming from plant origin.
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